Monday, March 10, 2008

Response to the energy drinks column

I haven't heard from Steven Seagal, but several readers weighed in on today's column, Humor Me: Bring on the energy drinks. Here are a couple:

I'm writing about today's article in the DMN, Monday, March 10,2008, 'Drink up some energy', well done. I think the whole energy drink business, hype and even little cute vehicles buzzing about town as moving ads, is a reflection of America's stupidity, it says a lot about our society, sad really.

Aside from the fabulously named & oh so carefully blended concoctions of pure crap in a pretty package, this "stuff" is nothing more than trash, something I wouldn't even sneak feed to my neighbors mean dog. This "stuff" could be full of under the sink household chemicals for all we know, but who cares it's all about a cool can, a cool name..., it must be some odd form of a fashion statement for the younger generation, I guess.

About Steven Segal, the man of no substance, who now hocks poison in a fancy cool named can, I have never liked him ever, not from day one, not now, not ever, and I like the way you tied the likes of him to the likes of energy drinks, BOGUS!

You forgot the most important slogan for energy drinks "One sip will give you the energy to earn enough money to buy another energy drink." ( At a cost 10 times that of gasoline and almost as much as Starbucks coffee. Ever wonder why bucks is in the name?) Isn't capitalism great?