Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A journalist's view on his last day of work

No, it's not me.

But I came across a column written by a journalist on his final day of work. It gives you an idea of what's on the mind of many journalists, who are often accused of being part of a huge media conspiracy.

Note to fellow journalists:

When is the next conspiracy meeting? Why has nobody invited me?

Anyway, you can find the column here.

As a humor columnist, here's an excerpt I thought was both very true and very funny:

To the surprise of some readers, one issue that’s not covered in the monthly media conspiracy newsletter is how to cram as much bad news as possible into each print edition. We don’t seek out bad news, but we do cover a lot of breaking news. Breaking news just happens to be almost exclusively bad simply because good news is seldom sudden. I’ve covered lots of late night crashes that resulted in fatalities, but I’ve covered very few that resulted in puppies.