Monday, March 17, 2008

The Little Leprechaun visits

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone.

For some people, this is a big holiday. For others, not really.

But my 5-year-old son loves it because on St. Patrick's Day, the Little Leprechaun leaves a scavenger hunt for him to follow. I thought this would be a one-time thing last year, but Ryan remembered it and asked if the Leprechaun would be leaving a treat again this year.

So this morning, I followed Ryan and my 2-year-old, Cooper, around as they found the clues that led them to the ultimate prize ... a Leprechaun treat. It was green Jell-O powder in a ziploc bag, which the boys are making to eat later.

One of the clues was this:

"My friend Santa uses this to come into the house."

That led the boys to the fireplace, and it led Ryan to say, "Wow, the Little Leprechaun knows Santa!"

Isn't childhood innocence great?