Friday, March 14, 2008

'80s Flashback: Mary Lou Retton

Friday is here again, so it's time for another '80s Flashback.

Before a word from our sponsor, here are the recent '80s Flashbacks:

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OK. This week's flashback is brought to you by No Holds Barred, the 1989 film featuring Hulk Hogan and the tagline "No Ring. No Ref. No Rules." And, well, no good. But hey, Hulk and the WWF were very '80s.

So this week's flashback is to the summer of '84, when Mary Lou Retton won the gold medal at the Olympics in L.A. I still remember it well because her "perfect 10" vault was played over and over. Especially on our family TV, because we had just bought our first VCR and were amazed by the technology. (Yes, we were easily impressed).

Here's the video, featuring the line I've heard over and over, "she just did the best vault of her life."