Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pilot's gun fires on flight

You've probably heard that a gun belonging to a pilot went off during a flight over the weekend. Interesting part of the story:

"We know that there was never any danger to the aircraft or to the occupants on board."

That's according to a member of the Federal Air Marshal Service. But what if the bullet had been "accidentally discharged" in a different direction?

"If that bullet had compromised the shell of the airplane, i.e., gone through a window, the airplane could have gone down."

Pretty scary. And this quote provides a nice image:

"A properly stored weapon with the safety on does not go off. The gun had to be out in the open. The gun had to be handled. The gun had to be in somebody's control."

So who knows what was going on in the cockpit. But I think the pre-flight safety video should now include this:

In case of the accidental discharge of one of our pilot's firearms, please remain seated in a full and upright position. It's for your safety.