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The most unauthentic Texas Rangers jersey ever -- and the 5-year-old who loves it

Recently it was Throwback Jersey Day at my house. Or more specifically, it was Make Your Own Jersey Day at my house. Or to be perfectly honest, it was Find a Way to Make Your 5-year-old Happy So You Don't Have to Hear Him Whine Day (FAWTMY5HSDHTHHWD for short).

As you can see, Nathan is rockin' a very unauthentic looking Ian Kinsler jersey. For those who aren't familiar with the Texas Rangers, Kinsler is the team's starting second baseman. Kinsler is also Nathan's favorite player, although Nathan also really likes Rangers relief pitcher Joe Nathan (for obvious reasons).

All three of my sons have Rangers shirts, but unfortunately, the store did not have one in Nathan's size with Kinsler's name and number on the back. It was just a red shirt with Rangers on the front. So my wife got out the masking tape and put a number 5 on the back. Then she got out some paper -- and yes, that is lined white paper, which I think really adds to the look -- and wrote Kinsler …