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Move your boogie body, you Jazzercisers

I found this video on Dave Barry's blog. His comment:

"If you can watch this and not wet your pants ... then you are not wearing pants."

It will take you about two seconds to know this video is from the early '80s. But it has so much more than '80s hair and outfits. The screams of "Ooow!" are enough to give you a cardiovascular workout from laughing.

The dog that never stops barking

Last year I wrote a column about my beloved West Highland Terrier, Casper, when he passed away. I was amazed how many people responded to the column, and now, I'm often sent any kind of news regarding Westies.

This is from the satire/parody kings, The Onion. It's about a Westie who has not stopped barking ever. This could've been Casper as a puppy. Fortunately, he calmed down after he was a year or two old. (Except for when he was near a pool and he barked and barked because he felt he should be able to swim in every backyard pool in the neighborhood}.

Tiny Dog Has Been Barking Nonstop For 6 Years

Bad taste in cake decoration

The cake is usually tasty, but sometimes the decoration is atrocious. That's why I'm not surprised there is a Web site on ugly cakes and funny cake decorating mistakes. (Thanks to Carrie for the link).

There are truly some classics there to check out, including a birthday cake for a 4-year-old that is decorated like the Grand Theft Auto game, including a guy with a gun. Lil' Derrick appears to be on his way to big things. Maybe in 15 years he'll get another cake with a nail file in it.

But my favorites are the cakes like the one pictured, where the cake artist has completely missed the concept. There's also a cake that says "Write Welcome on it."


College Humor

Table tennis needs to be sexier

I played table tennis a lot when I was growing up. It was lots of fun. Watching table tennis, however ...

Well, it seems I'm not the only one who doesn't find it too thrilling. The stands at women's Olympic table tennis events have been half full. So how do we get more fans?

Make it sexy!

Seriously. Check out the first paragraph of this story:
Table tennis is desperate to attract more viewers and some in the sport believe a simple enough solution exists: get the women to wear skirts and shirts with “curves”.Yep, those women in baggy shorts and shirts just aren't alluring enough.

“We are trying to push the players to use skirts and also nicer shirts, not the shirts that are made for men, but ones with more curves,” International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) vice president Claude Bergeret said in the story.

So what will the next Olympics table tennis competition look like? Maybe all the female table tennis players will be required to wear those beach volleyball pretty-much-a…

Humor Me: Get to know your freaky roommate


If you’ve never had a roommate, you probably feel lucky. But sharing a living space with someone teaches you a lot about life.

The value of compromise, for one thing. And the importance of respecting how other people are different from you. Having a roommate even teaches you problem-solving skills, such as how to convince your roommate that a burglar broke in and stole nothing but his “Exotic Noises of Zatumba” CD.

“Yep, and they also stole your beginner’s guide to playing the sitar. Those jerks!”

Obviously, having a roommate is much easier if you are compatible. That’s why it was hard for me to get along with some of my college roommates. I, of course, was completely normal. But some of them were freaks -- the kind of people totally unimpressed by a person with an expansive knowledge of ’80s music and a habit of making a comment after every TV commercial.

So if you and your roommate aren’t compatible, what can you do? As college students move into dorms and apartments, I kno…