Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pain down below nets one million bucks

For a guy, how much does it hurt to get hit, um ... down there?

Well, the pain could be worth a million bucks.

A man in Florida went to a batting cage, and when the light went off on the machine and the pitches were supposed to be done, out came another one. And it traveled, at 60 mph, toward THERE.

He was hit and injured. Then came the lawsuit which resulted in $160,000 for medical expenses and $1 million for pain and suffering. Even though he didn't go to the doctor for a couple of days.

Lots of pain, but that's also lots of money. I wonder what the statute of limitations is on a lawsuit such as this. Back in high school, a basketball teammate threw an unbelievably bad pass at an unbelieveably bad time and it resulted in pain I would still describe as "unbelievable."

At least for a few minutes, anyway. Shouldn't that be good enough for a few thousand bucks?