Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My dog eats her vegetables

Our family dog Maggie, a combination of Welsh Corgi and several other breeds, is truly one of the most special dogs I've ever met. And by "special" I mean emotionally unstable.

Her idea of giving affection is to jam her head into your neck. Seriously. For a while, I thought maybe she was trying to crawl inside my mouth. Now I just think she's a little wacko. Lovable, but wacko. She's probably scarred from the time she spent in the pound before we adopted her almost 10 years ago.

Anyway, this blog post isn't about Maggie, it's about the dog bones we give her as a treat. The other night I was looking at the bag of Ol' Roy treats -- from Wal-Mart, nothing but the best for our dog! -- and noticed the five flavors it listed.

The flavors dogs love:

Beef (Yes)
Chicken (Yes)
Bacon (Yes)
Peanut Butter (Uh maybe ... Maggie does like a bite of PB&J once in a while)

And this:


What dog craves the flavor of vegetables?

Well, maybe Maggie does. She has never turned down any flavor of the treats.