Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Man saves dog from shark

This is one of the most amazing stories you'll read about: A dog is recovering after its owner dove in to save his pet from a shark.
Greg LeNoir said he took his 14-pound rat terrier Jake for a daily swim at a marina last Friday. The five-foot shark suddenly surfaced and grabbed nearly the entire dog in its mouth.

LeNoir said he yelled, then balled up his fists and dove headfirst into the water off a pier. He hit the shark in the back and the creature finally let go of the dog.
The result: Man and dog are safe and recovering. The owner said Jake (here's a photo of him) doesn't like swimming pools, but they'll have to find another place for him to swim.

After getting attacked by a shark, I think Jake might reconsider the charm of swimming in a pool.