Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Denny's Grand Slam, plus a dramatic show

Not that anyone needs any more reasons NOT to do drugs, what with all the public-service announcements, educational programs and sightings of Amy Winehouse, but here's another:

If you do drugs, you might try to cut your arm off in a Denny's.
A 33-year-old man who tried cutting off his arm inside a busy Denny's restaurant because he believed it would save his life was arrested Friday night, according to Modesto police.
The story has all the details, including how he tried a butter knife and then a butcher knife.

"He wouldn't obey a substantial number of commands and continued to stab himself," a police officer said. "There were some tense moments, but a lot of patrons didn't know what was going on."

Yes, that doesn't happen often at Denny's. Even when the kitchen is falling behind on gettin' out the Grand Slam breakfasts.