Thursday, September 25, 2008

The bravest squirrel ever

The bravest squirrel ever has made my front yard his home.

A couple of days ago while I was doing some yard work, I saw him climbing up and down our Oak tree and running around the front lawn, burying acorns in the yard. "Squirreling" them away I guess would be the best description.

At one point, he came within five feet of me, chewed on the outside of an acorn and then buried it in the grass. I needed to walk in his direction, but I didn't want to scare him, so I said, "Hello there." (Yes, I was talking to a squirrel, and no, I don't do drugs. If I did do drugs, he probably would've talked back.)

When the squirrel heard my voice, he got up on his hind legs into an alert position and swooshed his tail. But, although he was only a few feet away and was facing me, he actually looked off to the side a little. That's when I wondered if maybe he's a squirrel with impaired vision.

Whatever his situation, it was fun to watch the squirrel scurry around the grass with a bunch of nuts, bouncing from spot to spot to bury them. Each time he would dig down a little, push the nut down with his nose and then use his front paws to adjust the grass over it. As he did this, he looked around the lawn to check to see if anyone was spying on his hiding spot.

I won't tell, Mr. (or Ms.) Squirrel. And please, stay out of the street.