Friday, July 11, 2008

A very entertaining manager tirade

You've probably seen some entertaining tirades by baseball managers over the year, but Kash (sorry, spell-checker, tht IS how it's spelled) Beauchamp did something recently I've never seen before:

He used two bat weights as pretend glasses to mock the umpire.

Kash also took off his shoes to threaten the umpire, who ejected him from the game.

"It's weird -- it just comes out of nowhere, the ejections and stuff," Beauchamp told the Wichita Eagle. "When I'm gone, (my brain is) gone. All I know is somehow I ended up in my socks. I don't even know how I got into my socks. I was looking for my shoes and I had no idea where they were."

At least he wasn't looking for his pants.

You won't see everything that happened in this video, but you will get to see what appears to be the strangest show of aggression ever:

Showing the umpire your armpit. Maybe that's standard when you manage a club named the "Wingnuts."