Thursday, July 10, 2008

A vacation to forget

If you're not traveling anywhere for vacation, instead opting for the "staycation," here's some positive news. You will not experience what happened to a British vacationer named Michelle Palmer.

She is currently suffering through some severe Drinkers' Remorse after her trip to a beach in Dubai. Palmer was allegedly caught having sex on a beach with a man named "Vince" that she met while on vacation.

Here's the story. If you read down a little bit, you'll find this tremendous timeline of events:
The 30-year-old attended a "late brunch", with unlimited drinks - including beer, wine and spirits. Running for three hours until 7pm the event offered unlimited drinks for a flat fee of 250 dirhams (£34.50).

She then moved on to a nearby club where friends say that she was arguing with Vince.

It is alleged that several member of group, including Vince, were later ejected for fighting.

They then moved on to a popular pub known as Long's Bar in a hotel on the city's skyscraper-lined Sheikh Zayed Road.

Friends said that Michelle was in tears at the bar, because Vince was "being nasty" to her.

"Just after that they were caught for having sex on the beach - and the next thing we knew, they were married," one said.