Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not responsible for broken windshields

I just got back from San Antonio, where I was covering the Texas High School Coaches Association Convention and Coaching School. It was a warm drive back today, but there wasn't a lot of traffic. I did, however, get behind a couple of trucks with signs that said this:

Stay back 200 feet! Not responsible for broken windshields.

I'm sure you've seen those signs, probably as one of the trucks is cutting in front of you, well within 200 feet. I don't really mind that they do that. It's hard to create space in areas where traffic tightens up. But I think the idea of "not responsible for broken windshields" is pretty funny.

It's like the truck company, or driver, has decided that by putting a warning sign on its vehicle that it's in the clear.
So what if a huge rock that I was hauling flew out of my truck and smashed your windshield. Uh ... didn't you see the sign?
I wonder if I could get a sign that says "Stay back 200 feet! Not responsible for anyone who gets in my way."