Monday, June 2, 2008

Responses to "Spelling out success"

A couple of responses to this morning's column, "Spelling out success." ...

Loved your column on spelling. Good insights. I hear the music kids listen to today (hip-hop, rap), if one can really call it that (I’m a 1975 HS grad), & wonder if anyone has a chance. Even worse, the internet & text messaging has relegated spelling & language to acronyms & phonetic shortcuts (admittedly, I too use for expediency). In addition, spelling is not emphasized in today’s school curriculums.

In my business, or anyone’s business for that matter, writing & communications skills are sorely lacking in the general work force. I am constantly amazed at the lack of verbiage, spelling, & sentence structure abilities my company’s support staffs use in proposals, etc. I even go as far to instruct some of them to forward the documents to me first, in order to peruse for typos & sentence structure.

O wel, alass wii reep the winfall of emfasizing stewdints ‘feel’ good abowt themselves vs. trooly lernin sumthin.

Oh, my gosh!! - this one hits a nerve with me - having been a skool techer and princepul for 32 yeers (part of which was teaching English to high schoolers), this bombardment of creative spelling in our environment drives me nuts.