Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The nude flight is off

A German travel company said last week it has decided to scrap a special nude flight that had been scheduled for this summer.

The reason:

There was no good reason to have it in the first place. Also, the tax to steam clean every seat after the flight made the price of the tickets a little steep.

Actually, the real reason, according to this story:

The firm organizing the service to a picturesque Baltic Sea island said it has had second thoughts after "moral objections" in the media and from visitors to its Internet portal.

I like this passage in the story:

The 50 people with tickets would have boarded the flight in the eastern city of Erfurt fully clothed, but once on the plane would have been free to undress and enjoy the rest of the journey as nature intended.

Yes, as nature intended for humans to be flying through the air.

Ticket-buyers will receive a full refund as well as a voucher for other products offered by the company, which I believe includes bulk-size containers of sunblock for extra-sensitive skin.