Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New American University: Underwear party!

According to its Web site, Arizona State University ...

"has a vision to be a New American University, promoting excellence in its research and among its students, faculty and staff, increasing access to its educational resources and working with communities to positively impact social and economic development."

Apparently, it's working. I can't see how running around in your underwear wouldn't "positively impact social and economic development."

Before you check out this video, I'd like to remind the many people who believe I'm an Arizona State University alum that I actually graduated from the University of Arizona.

It can be confusing, I know, because a lot of people believe ASU and U of A are the same university. I think it's because any time an athletic team from either university plays on national TV, the network shows the same video loop of cacti and rattlesnakes.

So for the record, I remember students at the University of Arizona being much more civilized during my time in Tucson. At least when the videotape was rolling.