Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Camouflage beer cans

Miller High Life and A-B's Busch both have a long heritage of affiliating with the outdoors. The brands index high with blue-collar consumers 45-65 years old. Their drinkers also skew higher, compared with the general population, for such activities as target shooting, hunting, fishing, watching the Outdoor Channel or Country Music TV, and subscribing to publications like Field & Stream.

That makes sense to me. So ...

Why not camouflage beer cans?

Well, maybe endorsing the connection of liquor with hunting might not be a great idea. But don't tell that to the beer makers.

According to the story, Miller High Life will roll out its "Camo Can" this fall to catch the eyes of hunters, fishing enthusiasts, campers and mountain bikers.

Yep. Mountain bikers need camo, too.