Friday, May 16, 2008

'80s Flashback: Just Say No

Friday is here again, so it's time for another '80s Flashback.

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OK. This week's flashback is brought to you in part by the 1985 Villanova men's basketball team, which pulled won of the biggest upsets in NCAA tournament history when it beat Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team in the championship. It was one of the games that took the popularity of March Madness to another level. Yeah, so it later turned out that a couple of the Villanova guys had drug problems, but at least this was a natural high for them. Also, it's always magical when a team is led to a basketball title by a coach who was kind of shaped like a basketball.

Now the flashback:

This week we look back and remember how to "just say no" to drugs. I always thought this was easy, mainly because I was never offered any drugs. Or cigarettes. Or invitations to parties.

Not being real popular did have at least one positive, I guess. But for people who were popular -- people besieged by cool friends asking them to do drugs (apparently this happened) -- the responsible adults of the world decided to show how easy it was to say no.

So we had lots of public-service announcements. Here are three great ones, and if you're wondering who taught me now to get these videos, well ...

It was you, all right! I learned it by watching you!

This next one is so '80s. Howard Jones wasn't available, so they got some guy who looks like him.

And this one features a really cool bandana headband.