Friday, April 25, 2008

The h is silent, except at Subway

I went to Subway yesterday for lunch. Being very non-adventurous and cheap with most of my lunches, I go there a lot. And the person behind me did something while ordering that I've noticed a lot.

Was it that she acted like this was a fine-dining establishment, and therefore could be ridiculously picky and time-consuming about the way her sandwich was made?

No, not this time. But that does happen a lot. It's Subway, people. Give the sandwich artists a break. If they don't get exactly 1.5 ounces of oil and vinegar on your sandwich, let it go.

Anyway, what I noticed this time was that, when the person behind me ordered her sandwich on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread, she made the "h" sound at the start of herbs. The Subway worker then responded to confirm the order, and he also made the "h" sound at the start of herbs.

I hear this from at least one-third of the people who order that. Maybe close to half the people. It makes me wonder how many people think "herb" is pronounced like the name.

Not a profound thought, I know. I just thought it was interesting. It also reminded me of when my brother and I were kids, looking through the freezer for something to eat.

"What are Horse Devores?" he said.

It was a box of frozen hors d'oeuvres.