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Fathers believe in your dreams -- even the crazy dreams

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My son Cooper announced recently, in a sort of informal kitchen-table press conference, that he is going to be a professional baseball player. I figured a dose of reality was in order, but with Father’s Day approaching, I didn’t want my latest parenting achievement to be the destruction of a 7-year-old’s dream.
So I tried to be gentle.
Keep practicing your baseball, I told him. But remember that even some really, really good players don’t get to be pros.
“Well, if I’m not a pro baseball player,” Cooper said, “I could be in Star Wars movies.”
Smart boy. He’s got a backup plan.
My other sons are also making contingency plans. Ryan, 10, wants to be a famous artist but will settle for testing video games. Nathan, 5, has his heart set on being a professional backyard trampolinist, but given the complication that there really is no such thing, he’s open to becoming a race-car driver. Or maybe a g…