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Sorry Girl Scouts, I'm done with the cookies

The Girl Scout cookie displays in front of grocery stores usually have boxes piled on tables, poster board signs screaming with exclamation points and at least one parent with the look of “get me out of here.” But recently I found a neighborhood cookie connection with the added hook of a singing scout.

Would you like to buy … Would you like to buy … Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?
My response, which I kept in my head to protect the girl from earning a badge for enduring off-key singing, was this:
No, I don’t want … No, I don’t want … No, I don’t want any more of your cookies.
I smiled at the girl, gave a friendly “no thanks” wave and walked past. She was showing some real cheerleader spark, so you might think I felt bad as I let the sliding doors close behind me.
Well, yes, I did. I’m not heartless.
But that won’t stop me from turning down another cookie salesman today. And tomorrow. And for whatever time remains in this year’s nationwide bonanza of Samoas, Savannahs and smil…