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The (sort of) official New Year's Resolutions Ditch Day

This column, like many others, first appeared in The Dallas Morning News and on Because there is no archive of my humor columns there, I let some time pass before posting the columns here.


You woke up on New Year’s Day, perhaps a little groggy after sleeping on a party hat or a plastic champagne flute, filled with motivation to get it together in 2013. Two weeks later, you’re more organized, hitting the gym, eating healthier and tackling your budget.

Or, uh, maybe you’re still “about to get on that.” Or maybe you’re just looking forward to the next holiday:
Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day.
It arrives every Jan. 17, although not in any official capacity. We’re about as likely to get time off work for other commemorative days this month, such as National Peanut Brittle Day, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, or the edifying, unmitigatedly necessitous Thesaurus Day.
The ditch-your-resolution day isn’t a reason to celebrate, but there’s a good reason why i…