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Humor Me: Happy Father's Day, buffoons of America

Last week I got an e-mail touting Father’s Day deals. I got a few of them actually, including one that mentioned that the perfect gift for any dad would be the Ultimate Turbo Nose Hair Trimmer.

The e-mail that really stood out, however, was from Groupon. Here’s a subject line that’s impossible to ignore:
Father’s Day deals for the man who felt you kick inside him for nine months.
I couldn’t imagine what might be available to a man who felt someone kick inside him for nine months. So I opened the e-mail, and when I scrolled down, the gender bender continued.
“Happy Father’s Day,” it said. And then this:
Deals to celebrate the man who carried you around for nine months.
Yeah, I’d say there’s reason to celebrate a man who felt kicks inside him without eating spicy food. That’s quite a dad. As for myself, I had to go the old-fashioned route of putting my hand on my wife’s belly to feel my sons’ kicks. It wasn’t until after they were born, and got a little older, that I really felt the …