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First Chapter of my novel Fourth Down in Texas

If you're reading this, you probably already know that my novel Fourth Down in Texas is now available at -- ta-dah! -- novel is available exclusively at that website until the publisher gives it widespread release.

Chapter 1 of the novel is below as a sample. This is a book I worked on for a couple of years while I was a sports writer and columnist for The Dallas Morning News, and the characters are inspired by coaches and players that I have known (and still know, because I'm not losing my memory that fast).

Before the sample chapter, here's some info about it from the news release:

Football, with both a rich history and a history of making people rich, might seem to big too die. But in FOURTH DOWN IN TEXAS, a novel set amid the simmering debate of football safety, the dominoes are falling on a cultural cornerstone of America.

Evidence is mounting regarding the lasting effects of concussions, the NFL and NCAA are targets of negligence lawsuits,…