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Kid fundraisers: Striking out one door at a time

The people in my neighborhood are generally the friendly sort, but you won’t get that vibe when you approach their homes. There might be a welcome mat out front, and possibly some cute wooden cutouts and whimsical garden decorations, but then you’ll meet the bouncer at the door.

“No soliciting.”
Sometimes it’s a homemade sign; sometimes it looks professional. A few are really bold,with that big, screaming red slash that we’re used to seeing on no-smoking signs. Many of them include the word “please,” adding some politeness to the message that we don’t want to hear about a free roof inspection, or a TV/phone/Internet bundle, or an unbeatable price for pest control.
Pest control? But Mr. Salesman, you are the pest. Ha-ha … zinger! Yeah, well it’s not so funny when you become the pest. And last month, I became that pest as I sold mulch door-to-door with my 10-year-old son, Cooper.

* * *
So how did it go?
Cooper was raising money for his baseball team, so I’ll use a hardball analogy and say that…