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Uncle Larry is the mashed potatoes: Your relatives as Thanksgiving dishes

Well Americans, another Thanksgiving is at our doorstep, along with family and friends and an abundance of reasons to be thankful. Actually, let’s go with a “cornucopia” of reasons to be thankful, because I believe it’s standard practice for every Thanksgiving column to include that word.

Food and family. It’s such a feel-good combination. It’s like hugs and kisses. Smiles and laughter. Cowboys joy and intact Tony Romo collarbones. And, when you think about it, Thanksgiving food and family kind of resemble each other.
No, I don’t mean Uncle Larry actually looks like the mashed potatoes. But isn’t he a little lumpy and soft in the middle? And lovable, of course.
That’s what I mean. The family and friends around the Thanksgiving table often share characteristics of the food on the table. Here’s a sampling as we count our blessings and search for the pants with an elastic waistband. Here's the piece I wrote for The Dallas Morning News. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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