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Humor Me: The official 2012 Summer Olympics viewers guide

Actually, before I get into any trouble, I should point out that this column is not an official part of the Olympics in London. The privilege of being officially connected to the worldwide sports spectacle is reserved for those who make a truly valuable contribution to the Olympic movement.

Such as Nature Valley Cereal Bars.
In a news release from London’s Olympic committee, I learned that “Nature Valley has become the official cereal snack bar supplier to London 2012 in a tier three sponsorship deal.”
Tier three isn’t as big time as tier one or two, but I’m sure the bronze-medal sponsor position still cost Nature Valley a lot of granola. Tier three is still good enough to be an official sponsor, joining the ranks of companies such as Samsung, UPS, Visa and, of course, McDonald’s.
Mickey D’s is the longstanding king of Olympic sponsorship, with a partnership that dates back 40 years. This year it has four restaurants in London’s Olympic Park, including one that can seat 1,500 people…