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Humor Me: Yes, my 4-year-old fainted at the hospital when he thought his mom had been turned into a robot

When my wife had knee surgery last week, I knew it would be tough on our three sons. Mom was going to the hospital, she would be under anesthesia, and the next time the boys saw her she would have bandages on her knee and be a little out of it. Pretty scary, even before the boys – ages 9, 7 and 4 – faced the reality that dad would be cooking for the next few days. Child Protective Services probably should’ve been notified.

I expected that it would be frightening for Ryan, Cooper and Nathan. What I did not expect, and in no way could’ve prepared for, was my 4-year-old fainting in the recovery room because he thought his mom had been turned into a robot.
I must be exaggerating, right?
I’m not. Not at all. Poor little Nathan, still Mommy’s little clinger, thought that his No. 1 person in the world was no longer a person. And so he dropped like a sack of potatoes next to her bed.
I know it begs explanation, but first I’ll roll back that morning an hour or so. I was out in the hospital wai…